The world is at war with an enemy we cannot see known as Covid-19. We stand united with everyone in fighting this pandemic and want everyone to be safe and healthy

About Us



We have been in the technology industry since Microsoft was a penny stock and Google did not even exist

Full Service

Products, Service, Knowledge. Over 150 years combined staff experience

Environmentally Concientious

We have an entire division dedicated to sustainability and protecting the planet for future generations


With over 38 years in the technology industry we have grown up with the technology and use only the latest and greatest to provide our clients with the best in the industry


We stay with a project or a client untill they are staisfied and try in every case to exceed their expectations. If you have a hard to find item let us know and we will work hard to find it


When we provide a product or service to you we give you the support you need to set up the product or complete the service request. Start to finish we are with you. Even after the sale or project, we are here.